• Product Information
    Receipt printers are an invaluable part of any Point of Sale system. Receipt printers are most commonly used in retail environments to print credit card slips and customer receipts, but are often used in restaurants to printer orders in the kitchen or at the bar as well.  
    • Print quickly and accurately
    • Ideal for use in Point of Sale situations
    • Handle high volumes of print traffic withe ease
    • Device drivers can be found at the manufacturer's website and are available for download
    • These items are new
    • New items ship in their original manufacturer's packaging
    • These items are in excellent condition with no blemishes on their housings
  • Technical Information
    Print Method Direct Thermal
    Max Print Speed 28 RPM (Receipts per Minute)
    Max Print Resolution 8 (dots per mm)
    Color Output Black
    Serial Port(s) No
    Parallel Port(s) No
    USB Port(s) 1
    Powered USB Port(s) No
    Ethernet Port(s) 1
    Micros IDN Port(s) No
    Micros Ethernet Port(s) No
    Wierless Connectivity Yes
    Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
    Additional Feature(s) -
    Alternative Part Number(s) -
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