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    • Low cost, high quality thermal receipt printers with everything you need included in the box.
    • >Sophisticated, high performance thermal receipt printer with tear bar or autocutter (guillotine)The most “complete” Point of Sale printer available today with all accessories included with the printer:
    • USB, PoweredUSB or Ethernet interface cable, Internal power supply with 1.8m power cord, Start-Up CD-ROM with drivers for majority of operating platforms including Java-POS™, OPOS™, Apple MAC™ and Windows™ with Microsoft certification (WHQL), Wall mount
    • vertical operation kits with automatic receipt reversal software for user comfort, Power switch cover, 58mm paper guide, Value-Added Software for Retailers: Receipt Re-design Tool including font replacement (early 2006), cropping
    • logo / picture placement tools, Coupon Marketing Tool, Unlimited Image Import Tool, Electronic Journal facility, Automatic 2nd Copy feature for security or administration purposes, All available to work alongside your original Point of Sale software, Value-Added Software for OEMs, System Builders, Software Developers:, Free Customer Software Tools, Dedicated Software Developers Kit (SDK), Selectable Pre-view Tool, Full Speed USB interface with selectable serial port emulation, Space saving vertical or horizontal operation from the box,
    • New Star “Intuitive” Compatibility for Microsoft applications, including JavaPOS™ & OPOS™, All printer features available from the printer’s properties page in Windows™
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