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    • The APG Vasario 1616 USB cash drawer is a 16” cash drawer that holds 5 spots for bills and 5 cups for coins.
    • This sturdy cash drawer is a no brainer solution that connects directly with the Square Stand via a USB cable.
    • The cash drawer is reliable and great for retail shops and restaurants, with a latch tested up to 1 million cycles, durable hold-downs for your bills, and a multi-function lock.
    • Mount the Vasario 1616 cash drawer under a counter with available brackets for a clean look, or use on top of the counter as a support for Square Stand and a printer.
    • If counter space is a concern, consider the smaller APG Vasario 1416 cash drawer.
    • How to Connect Your Cash Drawer to Square Stand ,Plug your supported USB cash drawer into one of the three USB ports found on the Square Stand accessories hub.
    • The accessories hub is the rectangular component that connects your Square Stand to the power adapter., Once the cash drawer is plugged in, Square Register will notify you that an accessory has been attached.
    • To test your cash drawer, tap the three horizontal lines on the bottom navigation bar.
    • Tap Settings > Cash Drawer > Test Cash Drawer.
    • When you accept a cash payment, tap Tender from Square Register and your cash drawer will open automatically.
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