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    The LD9000 is a two line twenty character pole display that solves the classic I wish I had an extra I-O port problem. Bright blue-green vacuum fluorescent characters are enhanced with an optical filter for better contrast and easier viewing. All standard displays support moving sign advertisements with smart scrolling during periods of inactivity with a single message download eliminating constant application software refreshing. Double side models available. Each side displays the same or different messages.

    • Each side displays the same or different messages
    • Intelligent pass-thru to share PC I/O ports with other peripheral devices
    • Large 9.5mm character height
    • Optional height, horizontal offset, rotation, and tilt
    • Real time clock display
    • User definable graphic characters and symbols
    • Various command sets and OPoint of Sale support available
    • User definable graphic characters and Motorolas
    • 20 characters x 2 rows
    • Automatic message scrolling to the left or right
    • Bright, high contrast vacuum fluorescent display
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