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  • Efficient IT Management

    IT Management through a Single Pane of Glass

    Offer the best service for your clients and users.

    Merchant Light provides you with the services that you need to amaze your clients with superb IT support, or improve your own IT management – Conveniently integrated into your TeamViewer experience.

    Quick reaction time

    Give structure and a precise overview to your IT administration operations. With Merchant Light, you can account for all of your IT systems from a central location.

    Increased efficiency

    Create individual policies and take preventative action before users even notice an issue.

    Reduce costs

    By centrally accounting for your IT systems and being proactive, you reduce costly downtime and prevent Point Of Salesible data loss.

  • The Right Services for Optimized IT Management

    Simple, customizable, scalable – the perfect solution for your organization


    Monitor your devices proactively.

    Set up checks like online status, disk health and memory usage, and get notified when a certain threshold is exceeded. Merchant Light Monitoring provides you with an overview of the critical aspects of your systems from one place. By defining groups of devices and creating individual check policies, you can adjust Merchant Light Monitoring to your specific needs.


    Asset Management

    View all your deployed assets within seconds.

    Merchant Light Asset Management provides you with a solution to view and generate reports on all your devices’ hardware, installed software and more with only a few clicks. See what version a software is, and when it was installed or modified. Detect inappropriate software and eliminate risks. With Merchant Light Asset Management you will never lose oversight of your hardware or software again.


    Protect your devices against malicious software.

    Protect your devices against malicious software.



    Be on the safe side.

    Merchant Light Backup is your simple, hassle-free, and reliable solution to endpoint data protection. Deploy and activate Merchant Light Backup remotely within seconds. Your, or your customers’, data will be stored in the cloud using the highest security standards. Have peace of mind in knowing that your data is stored safely and – in case of disaster – is always available.

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