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    • Ideal for merchants and financial institutions’ mobile users, the BulleT offers MagneSafe™ security features with the convenience of a Bluetooth interface.
    • This powerful combination assures card data protection, transaction security and convenience needed to secure mobile applications with strong encryption and 2-factor authentication.
    • The BulleT is specifically designed to leverage the existing magnetic stripe card as a secure token empowering cardholders with the freedom and confidence of knowing that their transactions are secure and protected anytime, anywhere.
    • Reads up to 3 tracks ,Bi-directional read ,Reads ANSI/ISO/AAMVA cards plus some custom formats ,Provides Red/Green/Amber LED for status ,Unique, non-changeable device serial number ,Triple DES Encryption ,DUKPT Key Management ,MagnePrint® Card Authentication ,Tokenization ,Device & Host Authentication
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