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Frequently asked Questions

What is included in the QuickBooks™ Online subscription?
QuickBooks™ Online includes: Full use of the features of the particular version of QuickBooks™ Online, automatic upgrades to your selected version at no extra cost, secure storage of your data, and product support1 at no extra cost. You can add optional features at any time for an additional monthly fee.
Does QuickBooks™ Online back up my data?
Yes. In addition to always maintaining two copies of your data, we automatically back up your updated data every day. It’s stored on firewall protected, redundant servers so your data is safe from hardware and software failures, hackers and viruses. Because we update your records with every change, we cannot restore your file to a previous point in time.
How safe is it to send my data over the Internet?
QuickBooks™ Online uses the same technology used by online banks and brokerages to transmit your private data over the Internet. Our parent company, Intuit, Inc., trusts the same system to submit millions of TurboTax returns every year.
I'm looking for QuickBooks™ Desktop. Where can I find your desktop products?
You can find all of our QuickBooks™ Desktop products here.Blarg

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