Integrate eCommerce with QuickBooks™ Point of Sale

Running a retail store isn’t easy. Add online sales channels into the mix and you’ve got a lot to juggle: keeping track of your inventory, fulfilling orders, notifying customers, and keeping your staff informed. With eCC Desktop for QuickBooks™ Point of Sale, you can list products quickly in your online store, keep your inventory up to date, generate shipping labels, and notify customers with a few clicks. It’s a robust, PC-based application that seamlessly works with your online store and marketplace accounts so you have full control of your inventory and sale.

Connect My Webstore to My QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale

Features designed for your Brick & Click business

Prevent overselling and manage inventory

With eCC Desktop, your online store inventory is synced with QuickBooks™ Point of Sale so you always know your stock levels. Get better forecasting for your inventory and automatically generate purchase orders for out of stock items.

Get better control of your product catalog

eCC Desktop matches up the products in your online store and QuickBooks™ POS so the inventory is automatically updated as orders are received. If you start selling new items, you can easily list them in your online store.

Track sales across all your channels

eCC Desktop automatically transfers orders from your online store to QuickBooks™ POS and creates sales receipts. It also checks for out-of-stock products and generates purchase orders.

Ship your orders faster

Save time shipping! Use eCC Desktop to generate shipping labels for FedEx, UPS and USPS orders. You can also print packing slips, track shipments, and automatically notify customers with their tracking ID.

Automate your workflow with the Scheduler

Set eCC Desktop to automatically download orders, sync inventory, notify customers, and post orders to QuickBooks™ on a regular schedule.

Get peace of mind with unlimited support

Chat, email or call webgility and get help you tackle any issues you have with eCC Desktop. Trained QuickBooks™ Point of Sale specialists will make sure that your retail and online store are running in harmony.