Point of Sale Support Plan

99 $/mo Bronze
  • Point of Sale Peripheral Warranty
  • Break-Fix Remote Support
  • Trouble Ticket Email Support
  • 9-5 M-F Support
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199 $/mo Silver
  • Everything in Bronze
  • Enhanced Merchant Support
  • 1 Hour Monthly Training
  • 20% off Hardware Replacement
  • 6 Day Support
  • Windows Troubleshooting Support
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299 $/mo Gold
  • Everything in Bronze & Silver
  • Network Trouble Shooting Support
  • 3 Hours of Training Monthly
  • 30% off Hardware Replacement
  • Highest Priority Response
  • Windows Reinstall as Needed
  • Antivirus Included (AVG)
  • Annual Inventory Support
  • QuickBooks™ Data File Repair
  • Carbonite Backup Service
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This Agreement is made on signed Date by and between Merchant Light,LLC (“Service Provider”), with Office located at 23075 Hwy 7 Suite #100 Excelsior, MN 55331 and customer located at the address provided. Merchant Light, LLC will warranty, repair, and replace the following components as needed when purchased directly through Merchant light(coverage covers normal wear and tear usage, not damage, liquid spills, falls, and electrical surge):
Image Title

Receipt Printer

Cash Drawer

Tag Printer

Credit Card Swipe.

QB Financial Software (Does not include purchasing new software or updating software to a new version)
QB Point of Sale Software (Does not include purchasing new software or updating software to a new version)
  • Access to Support:


    While this agreement is active the Customer may obtain Technical Support in the following ways:

    • Phone support with Certified Technical Analyst at: 1-888-255-9878
    • Online Knowledge Base, visit: https://merchantlight.com
    • For Monthly Support Customers, contact Customer Care to schedule a training session, typically one to two business days in advance: 1-888-255-9878
    • Customers without 24/7 benefits will not be guaranteed after-hours support. Also, such support will be billed at respective hourly plan rates.
    • Customers wishing to upgrade to a superior plan can do-so Monday through Friday, 9-5pm
  • Remote Support:


    Remote support will be the first step in repairing, training, and supporting any computer software purchased through QBS. This includes downloading and installing drivers and other software required to successfully operate purchased software. There may be cases when there are software conflicts between our supported software and other resident programs, or OS/Software updates. In this case, until conflicting software is removed or a patch is created, QBS will not be held liable or responsible for any losses either monetary or otherwise.

  • Travel:


    Any store location within 25 miles of downtown Minneapolis will be charged a trip fee of $35/trip if repair and troubleshooting cannot be completed remotely. Anyone outside of the 25 mile radius will be charged the standard government gas rate plus $50/hour for travel time.

  • Unresolved Calls:


    Not all technical issues can be resolved while the technician is on the phone. Not all technical issues can be resolved in one support session. Until the ticket is deemed closed, at the professional discretion of the Technical Analyst, the Service Provider will continue to support unresolved technical issues until resolution or until the expiration of the support agreement. Some calls require testing and/or assistance from our programming department or the software manufacturer to resolve. Service Provider will keep the Customer updated as to the status of the open call if the problem cannot be resolved while on the phone with the technician. Should the Service Provider’s Technical Analyst be unable to resolve the problem, the Service Provider will log a call to the manufacturer or software developer for further resolution.

  • Training / Consulting:


    Customer will be billed at respective plan level’s rate. QBS will, at their discretion, provide short term (less than 5 minutes or so) training when warranted to instruct user how to accomplish a task. The intent here is that if a client wants additional training not provided in the selected plan, it will be billed accordingly.

  • Credit Card Processing:


    Merchant Light,LLC is authorized to support Intuit Merchant Services and MercuryPay with Pensmore credit card processing. The Provider will troubleshoot merchant account software behavior and be an advocate for contract holder. If merchant account problems require tools internal to merchant provider or knowledge beyond QB S’s scope, QBS will ensure all issues get to the correct internal merchant department/person. Merchant Light will not support troubleshooting of 3rd party merchant services. The Technical Analyst will determine whether a problem relates to our software or 3rd party’s integration.

    Plan Cost: The cost for each store will be at the QBS advertised plan price per month for one computer. For each additional PC covered, please add $25/month for the bronze plan, $35/month for the silver plan, and $45/month for the gold plan. Replacement of Point of Sale hardware components will not take place until 90 days after receipt of the first months’ premium unless plan was started on or within 30 days of when equipment and software purchase date.

  • Contract Period:


    This contract will extend for 1 year from contract agreement date. It will only be available to purchase for 30 days from installation date of software and/or equipment unless otherwise agreed upon by QBS. Once 30 days has been reached, this warranty contract cannot be purchased except with QBS’s discretionary approval.

    Automatic Renewal: This contract will automatically turn into a monthly contract upon payment of the twelfth month. The customer will need to notify QBS in the event that they want to cancel the contract after the first 12 months have been paid for. Post 12 month cancelation will require a 30 day notice. Final month will not be prorated.

  • Customer Cancelation:


    If customer does not complete 12-month contract, the total remaining months of contract will be billed out and due within 30 days of last payment date. The collection process will begin exceeding 60 days of last payment date if total amount is not remitted or another mutually agreed upon arrangement is made. All collection fees and attorney fees associated with collections will be paid by the customer of QBS who is entering into this agreement.



    The Service Provider disclaims all liability to the Customer or any other party for any act or omission that may result in consequential, indirect, incidental, special or such other damages including but not limited to, any damage for lost profits, loss of data or loss of business, even if The Service Provider has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

  • Terms:


    Fee structures presented before signing of an agreement are estimated and subject to change prior to the execution of contract. After 12 month contract period, prices may be subject to change in accordance with a change in plan offering due to the price of doing business.All monthly contracts will be required to have an automatic payment authorization set up from which QBS shall withdraw client funds from either a credit card or electronic funds transfer each month. Quarterly, semi-annual or annual plan payments are available via invoicing. Payment will be due upon terms of invoice, that being within 15 days of being billed.In the event an account becomes past due, QBS may collect through an attorney or a collection agency. If it becomes necessary to collect through such means, the undersigned or agent agrees to pay the past due amount, 18% interest per annum, court costs, and any associated attorney fees.

  • Approvals:


    We are pleased to have you as a client and hope this will begin a long and pleasant association. Please date and sign a copy of this document and return it to us to acknowledge your agreement with the terms.