QuickBooks Point of Sale: Data Import Wizard Overview

Data Import Wizard Overview

When you first begin using QuickBooks Point of Sale QuickBooks Point of Sale
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, you may already have existing customer, vendor, and/or item information in another application (other than QuickBooks financial software). Or, you may receive data from an outside source that you wish to enter into the program periodically, such as from your vendors.

The Data Import Wizard is designed to spare you the time-consuming task of having to manually enter large amounts of existing data into Point of Sale, such as items, item pictures, customers and vendors, allowing you to import this data instead. This tool is particularly useful for:

New users of Point of Sale who want to import data from another software application. The other software application must be able to export the data into an Excel spreadsheet or comma-delimited text file (.csv).

Existing users of Point of Sale who want to import data provided by vendors, such as catalog information or new pricing for new or existing inventory items

You can import data from:

An Excel spreadsheet by copying and pasting into a predefined template we have supplied for you

A custom Excel spreadsheet in another format (generated by another program, from a vendor, or that you have created)

A comma-delimited text file (file extension must be .csv)

(Pro) A folder of picture files; on your computer or on a CD, DVD or other media. Special considerations apply to picture imports; click here to learn more.

Information from any of the above sources is mapped into the correct data fields in Point of Sale. If the imported data affects your inventory value (item cost or quantity), Point of Sale creates adjustment memos with an entry in the Source field of Import.

View the complete instructions for using the wizard to import your data or select Help on each page of the wizard for additional information about the choices on that page.


(Basic, Pro) The Data Import option can be accessed from the File † Utilities menu on the Server Workstation only.

(Pro) In a multi-store configuration, remote stores can import only customers.