QuickBooks Point of Sale: Map Item Accounting by Department or Store

Your default item accounts for Financial Exchange are set on the Financial page of company preferences. When setting these defaults, you can also choose to have Point of Sale automatically create and use department sub-accounts.

  • (MultiStore) You can also choose to map item sub-accounts by store.

To create and use item sub-accounts:

  1. 1) From the File menu, select Preferences >>> Company and then select the Financial >>> Accounts page from the left-side menu. There may be a slight delay as Point of Sale connects to your financial software.
  2. 2) On the Basic tab, select the checkbox titled Automatically create sub-accounts based on and then select Department.
    • (MultiStore) Or select an available alternative.Example accounts for inventory item in Widgets department at Store 1:
    Sub accounts based on: Example Income Accounts
    sub-accounts not enabled Sales:Merchandise
    Department Sales: Merchandise: Widgets
    Department, then Store Sales: Merchandise: Widgets: Store 1
    Store, then Department Sales: Merchandise: Store 1: Widgets
  3. 3) Mapping Item Sub-Accounts by Department or Store
  4. 4) In the Use sub-accounts for list, select Income Accounts only (default setting) or Income, COGS, and Asset to use sub-accounts with all three account types.
  5. 5) Select Save.
  6. When this option is set, your default item accounts will be appended with sub-accounts as specified and the item form in inventory will indicate your settings, though the actual sub-account names are not shown due to space limitations.


  • Your department (and store) names must be less than 31 characters as this is the maximum length in QuickBooks financial software for each sub-account level.
  • When creating sub-accounts by store, your Store Names as defined in preferences, are used for the sub-account name.


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