QuickBooks Point of Sale: Constant Contact Email Campaign Error

Some POS users are experiencing flashing screen at the “Create an E-mail Campaign” screen

Some POS users are experiencing a flashing screen at the “Create an E-mail Campaign” screen when using Constant Contact. The screen will flash or hang at the final screen, and the campaign is not created.


Export Customer List to Excel and then import the list to the Constant Contact website.

Detailed instructions:

  1. 1) Customer> Create an E-mail Campaign
  2. 2) Select Next
  3. 3) Select Recent Purchases>enter the number of days that you want to pull customers for>NEXT
  4. 4) Make sure all customers are selected>NEXT
  5. 5) Name your campaign>selectExport customer list to a file>check Open the Excel file after exporting
  6. 6) Choose the file location where you want the list to be exported to (I create a file in DOCUMENTS called CONSTANT CONTACT EXPORTS)>OK
  7. 7) The Excel file will open
  8. ===This step is important===

  9. 8) File>Save As>Browse to you CONSTANT CONTACT EXPORTS folder>name the file>Save(I like to name this file using today’s date)
  10. *The format that POS uses to export is not compatible with constant contact. By re saving the file is re formats it. If you do not follow this step Constant Contact will not upload the file

  11. 9) Go to http://www.constantcontact.com/welcomeback and login
  12. 10) Select Contacts from the top toolbar>Add Contacts>Add File
  13. 11) Choose File>Browse to file in CONSTANT CONTACT EXPORTS folder
  14. 12) Map the first field to FIRST NAME
  15. Map the other field Email address

    Choose the list that you want the customers to go to



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