Why did QB Services Close?

QB Services started business in the spring of 2002 in Duluth, Minnesota.  Intuit determined that QB Services, LLC needed to change our name and URL due to trademark issues.  Not to step on any toes, QB Services has been closed as a business and a new business, owned by a private holding company, will be created.  


Merchant Light has a staff of over 215 people who are willing to work on any of the following:

  • QuickBooks and QuickBooks POS Support Calls.  
  • Hardware and Software 24-7 support services.
  • Help desk for server management.
  • Remote monitoring and desktop management.
  • Antimalware and webroot maintenance and review.
  • Mobile phone support and management.
  • Web Interface programming and design.
  • Application integration with your other applications.
  • Application Development.
  • More please email your requests to sales@merchantlight.com.

Please check out the 1 hour free/month you can have for simply registering at our website www.merchantlight.com to the end of the year!


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