QuickBooks POS: Adding your Logo to Sales Documents

Adding Your Logo:

You may or may not remember that one store across from that one building that looked like what’s-her-name’s house, but you may remember their logo. Logos are the language of your company. they remind people that this is that store that looks like so-and-so’s house. You’re just as welcoming as any home, and you take great satisfaction in building relationships within your community. So why not add another touch to your company? Here’s some simple steps on how you can make your business speak for itself!

  • 6)Once your logo is in place and you are satisfied with it, click Save in the bottom right corner.
  1. 1)In the File menu, under Preferences, select Company.
  2. 2)In the left column under General, select Store Info.
  3. 3)Select the checkbox for Use Image as Default Logo, then select Specify.
  4. 4)In the Images/CustomizePos/a1.png Collection window, select Add and browse for a graphic file. **See notes below for file requirements**
  5. 5)Retrieve your company logo from your file, and click Select.


  • Standard .BMP, .JPG, and .GIF file formats are supported. Note that some files with these extensions, such as those from some digital cameras, may contain extra file information that will prevent them from working in Point of Sale. If this occurs, use a graphics, paint, or photo application to open and re-save the file with a standard format. Tip: Test the file to see if it opens in Internet Explorer. If it does, it should work in Point of Sale.
  • Logo colors must be RGB (not CMYK) and maximum 24-bit resolution.
  • Logo file size should not exceed 100 KB. Larger file sizes may slow printing. We recommend reducing color resolution or logo dimensions to reduce file size, if necessary.
  • Point of Sale will scale the graphic, if necessary, to fit in the allotted space on a document. Some loss in graphic quality may result when scaling. For best results, use a graphics application to size your logo to the recommended sizes:
  • 40-column documents: 248 pixel maximum width
  • Letter-size documents: 381 pixel maximum width
  • The specified default logo is automatically added to your printed sales documents. Simply return here and change the default logo to print a different logo.
  • (Pro) If you use Print Designer to customize your printed document templates, you can change the size and position of the logo, use different logos for different documents, and add logos to other document types.
  • (Pro with multiple stores) Each store can define their own logos Related


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