Sending Invoices To Customers Using The QuickBooks™ Online Mobile App

Start a new invoice.

From the Company Activity screen, tap Menu. Then tap Invoices (+) > New Invoice.


Select the customer from your customer list.

Tap Select a Customer. If this is a new customer, tap the plus at the bottom of the screen.


Enter what you sold to them, and save the invoice.

Tap Add Item, and select an item from the list. Then tap Save.


You can create a note or attach an existing one.

Tap Note, then Create Note or Attach Existing Note


You can also add a photo to your note.

Tap Photo and either select an existing photo or take a new one.


Save your changes.

Tap Save.


Email the invoice to your customer.

Tap Action, then Email from the menu.


Tap the circle to include the photo in the email.

On the Include in Email screen, tap the radio button so the checkmark displays to the left of the photo.


Send the invoice to your customer.

If you need to, add your customer’s email and then tap Send.



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