Returning Merchandise to Vendor

How to Return Merchandise to your Vendor

Merchandise being returned to a vendor is recorded on a voucher in the same way in which you receive items. The only difference is you enter a negative quantity for the returned items.

If the merchandise being returned hasn’t been received into your Point of Sale inventory via a receiving voucher, such as when discovering damaged goods upon arrival, you may choose to simply not receive it. No separate return document needs to be made in this case.

Important Note: If you need to match and reconcile vendor invoices, bills, and payments, such as in QuickBooks™ financial software, we recommend never mixing received and returned items on a single voucher. Doing so would result in “net” documents being created in your financial software, instead of individual bills and vendor credits.

You can create a return voucher by manually creating it or by copying the original voucher and making it a return. The second choice is best if returning all or most of the items received on a voucher.

To manually create a return voucher:

  1. 1) Select Receiving History on your Home page.
  2. 2) Highlight the vendor and order you wish to return and select Return To Vendor in the Want To dropdown.
  3. 3) The current order cost from inventory is suggested as the voucher cost. Edit to match original received cost as necessary. Be sure to enter negative quantities. One way is to click the Return Item for each item.
  4. 4) Save the voucher.


  • Do not make a return voucher for merchandise that has never been received into inventory, such as when you refuse delivery of merchandise that arrives damaged.
  • Upon saving, a return voucher deducts the returned item quantities from inventory, updates a referenced purchase order’s fill status, and is added to your receiving history.
  • If integrated with QuickBooks™ financial software, the vendor credit that results from a return voucher is not automatically applied to open bills in your financial software. In QuickBooks™, select Pay Bills from the Vendors menu and apply the credit. Refer to your QuickBooks™ financial software documentation if you need additional help.


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