QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: View Point of Sale Transactions in QuickBooks™

Note: This feature is available from the Server Workstation only and requires that your QuickBooks™ financial software be running, even if you have set your preferences to allow routine exchanges when not running. Point of Sale will automatically launch QuickBooks™, if not already running, when you select this option.

Point of sale customer, vendor, and history document lists have active links to the corresponding record(s) and or document(s) created in QuickBooks™ financial software. This link helps confirm that a record/document was successfully exchanged and allows you to open the QuickBooks™ record/document for viewing.

Shown is an example from sales history.

To confirm/view a corresponding QuickBooks™ record/transaction:

  • 1) In the Point of Sale list, highlight the record or document of interest.
  • 2) From the I Want To menu, select Show Financial Details.
  • The Financial History window is displayed, showing the exchange status and containing a link to view the document (if successfully sent).
  • 3) This window will show one of the following, as applicable:

  • Documents:
    Sent to QuickBooks™ Successfully – The document has been sent to QuickBooks™.
    Not sent – The document has not been sent yet.
    Problem sending to QuickBooks™ – The document had an error when trying to send it.
    Customer and Vendors: (Basic)
    Synchronized with QuickBooks™ – Record has been synchronized and no changes have been made on the Point of Sale side.
    Pending Synchronization – Record has data to be shared with QuickBooks™ (or it hasn’t been shared yet but is flagged to do so).
    Not shared with QuickBooks™ – Customer or vendor is not flagged to be shared with QuickBooks™.
    Problem Synchronizing with QuickBooks™ – The customer or vendor had a problem exchanging.
  • 4) Select Open in QuickBooks™ to view the listed document/records. (QuickBooks™ will be launched).
Other Options on this window include (only one available depending on current status):
Resend this record during the next exchange – Select this check box to resend the document during the next Financial Exchange. You might do this if you had to restore an older QuickBooks™ backup and this document is now missing in QuickBooks™. Note: This may result in the document being listed twice in the financial history window, but the link to the original document will no longer work.
Mark this document as successfully sent – Select this check box if you do not want this document sent to QuickBooks™ during the next Financial Exchange. You might make this choice if you restore a Point of Sale backup that was created before the document was sent to QuickBooks™. Sending it again in this case would result in duplicates in QuickBooks™.


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