QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Troubleshoot Multi-Store Exchange

QuickBooks™ Point of Sale v10.0, 2013 (v11.0), and v12.0

Steps to follow when troubleshooting multi-store mailbag exchange issues:
  1. 1) Check the Multi-Store Company Preferences section to ensure that stores are set up properly:
    1. Choose File > Preferences > Company.
    2. Select each of the sub preferences under Multi-Store and inspect the information in the right side to ensure it is correct. Change information as needed.
    3. Click Save.
  2. 2) Update all copies of Point of Sale at all stores to the most current release.
  3. 3) At the Headquarters store:
    1. Minimize or close Point of Sale.
    2. Search for files using the file name of *.qbt.
    3. Right-click on any *.qbt, files found, choose Delete and confirm the deletion.
    4. Close the Search Results screen and empty the Recycle Bin.
  4. 4) Perform Steps 3a through 3d for all Remote Stores.
  5. 5) At the Headquarters store:
    1. Maximize or Open Point of Sale.
    2. Choose Stores > Send Files.
    3. Send the mailbag (*.qbt file) to the Remote Store(s) and then click Close.
  6. 6) At the Remote Store(s):
    1. Choose Stores > Receive Files.
    2. Locate the Headquarters mailbag and Process In.
    3. Choose Stores > Send Files.
    4. Send the mailbag (*.qbt file) to the Headquarters store and then click Close.
  7. 7) Process in the Remote mailbag at the Headquarters store:
    1. Choose Stores > Receive Files.
    2. Locate the Remote mailbag and Process In.
  8. 8) Perform another Store Exchange between the Headquarters and Remote Store(s).
  9. 9) Reset the password at each location. Make sure the passwords are identical. Misspellings of any kind, including case, will cause an error.
  10. 10) Run Point of Sale in compatibility mode (Windows 7 only):
    1. Close Point of Sale.
    2. Right-click the Point of Sale icon on your Desktop and choose Troubleshoot compatibility.
    3. Select Troubleshoot Program.
    4. Try recommended settings.
    5. Start Point of Sale.
    6. Perform another full cycle of exchanges started by sending from Headquarters. Send then receive files at each location to ensure the issue has been resolved.


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