QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Splitting Payment

Split Payments including Credit Cards

Holidays are always a time of endearment. Showing the ones you love that you’ve listened when he/she said they would love to have this, or could see themselves with that. Occasionally, you have the customer that desires an item, but maybe doesn’t want to put the entire amount on one card. Not a problem with QuickBooks™! Here is how to make shopping a relaxing experience for both the employee as well as the consumer!

*Up to three credit cards can be used on one transaction. Credit card cards can also be used in combination with other payment types.

* Do not swipe the credit card until directed to do so below.

* This topic applies to users of the QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Merchant Service.

  1. 1)Complete the receipt and select Credit as the payment type. The Credit payment dialog is opened
  2. 2)Enter the amount for the first credit card in the Amount field.
  3. 3)Swipe the card or manually enter the card information. Have the customer OK the amount on the PIN pad, if applicable. Point of Sale connects to the Merchant Service for authorization in the same manner as in the single credit card procedure.
  4. 4)After authorization is received for the first card, repeat this process for the next card.OR Select a different payment type for the balance and enter any requested information.
  5. 5)Repeat for a third card or another payment type, if necessary.
  6. 6)Select Save & Print (if not configured to automatically save and print.


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