QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Rewards Manager

How To Set Your Rewards

Giving your loyal customers a reward for their devotion to your company is not only a good idea, but a very wise investment back into your community. Nothing says “Relationship” from a store better than one that cares enough to give back. This can be expressed in many diverse ways throughout the course of a business, but a rewards system is one that is not only easy to set up, but extremely convenient. Here’s a few steps to turn your business into a “Relationship” with the consumer.

If you enter a redemption blocking period, the entered number of days will be added to the reward expiration date. Example: With a 30-day expiration date, and a 10-day blocking period, the reward will expire 40 days after the purchase date.

  1. 1)In the toolbar on your Home Page, click on the Customer and select Rewards Manager. If not already set, select Turn Tracking ON.
  2. 2)Enter an amount for the Purchase Threshold. This is the amount a customer must spend in your store to earn a reward.

    *Specify the Reward Amount (dollar amount or percentage) and then select $ off or % off from the drop-down list.

    *(Optional) Select a Reward Expiration period.

    *Specify the Purchase Tracking Period.

    You must enter a Start date; the End date is optional. To leave the program open-ended, select the No End Date checkbox. All qualifying items purchased during this period accumulate towards earning rewards.

  3. 3)In the Rewards Options area, make selections for how you wish to enroll members, be alerted when rewards are earned, and set a redemption blocking period.
  4. 4)Select Save in the bottom right corner.

If you get the Reward Change dialog, click OK to close it. This dialog is displayed anytime you modify your rewards program, to alert you to potential effects the change may have on current and future rewards.

Other tasks/information available from Reward Manager:

  • Reward Program Status: Displays the total value of rewards redeemed under your program, and options to turn the program on/off and to view reward reports (Member List and Redemption History).
  • I Want To menu: This menu includes two powerful options:
  • Enroll All Customers in Rewards Program: All existing customers are enrolled in the program. Customers you add later are not enrolled unless you also select Automatically enroll new customers in the Rewards Options area.
  • Clear All Rewards: Removes all existing earned rewards from all customers. Current purchase tracking balances are not affected.


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