QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Reconcile Point of Sale Credit Card Batches

Point of Sale 2013 automatically batches credit cards at 3:00pm PST resulting in two partial days of transactions in one batch. If you send detailed receipts to QuickBooks™ during a financial exchange, you will be able to match up the individual deposits. If you are sending summarized receipts, the total on the receipt is for one calendar day while your Bank Statement and batch total from the Merchant Service Center will include the two partial days. In order to reconcile deposits, you will need to split the receipt into the two partial days. To read more about ways to send receipts to QuickBooks™, see the article Summarized vs detailed receipts in Point of Sale.

Detailed instructions

If you are sending detailed, individual receipts to QuickBooks™, you can run the reconciliation report from 3pm to 3pm PST on the next day in an effort to match deposits. Otherwise, try this detailed solution:

  1. 1) Download your deposit detail
    1. Sign in to the Merchant Service Center (MSC) account.
    2. Choose Activity & Reports > Deposits and search for the day you’d like to reconcile.
    3. Click the Export link to export the report to a spreadsheet.
  2. 2) Organize the spreadsheet: Divide the two days and add totals for each card type. (You will see the transactions after 3:00pm PST for one day and before 3:00pm the following day.)
  3. 3) Edit the summary receipt to split card totals by day:
    1. Open Point of Sale.
    2. Choose Point of Sale > Sales History.
    3. Select any sale from the day you want to reconcile.
    4. Choose I Want to > Show Financial Detail.
    5. Click the Sales Receipt link to open the summarized receipt in QuickBooks™.
    6. 4) Edit the Point of Sale MasterCard Credit Card amount so it matches the first day’s amount in your excel spreadsheet.
    7. In our example, we’re breaking out $6737.22 to match the deposit amount for 8/13. Edit the Point of Sale MasterCard Credit Card line to read $6737.22. After making the edit, you will notice that the Total at the bottom now shows a balance.
    8. On the next available line, enter a second line item called Point of Sale MasterCard Credit Card. At the prompt, click Make it Active.
    9. Enter the balance shown in the Total into the amount for the new Point of Sale MasterCard Credit Card item you just created. (For this example, $4,071.04) Your new receipt Total should have a balance of zero again.
    10. 5) Repeat the same steps for the other card types and when you’re finished click Save & Close.
  4. 6) Choose Banking > Make Deposits.
  5. 7) Match your deposits from your spreadsheet and check off the deposits in QuickBooks™. Once everything has been matched, the Payments Subtotal should equal the amount deposited on your Bank Statement.
  6. 8) Click OK.
  7. 9) Change the date of the Deposit to the correct deposit date and then click Save & Close.


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