QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Help: Add, Remove, & Rearrange Columns in Point of Sale

Add, remove, or rearrange the columns in a Point of Sale list.

This information applies to item, customer, sales history, receiving history, department, vendor, employee, customer order, purchase order, transfer history, and adjustment history lists.

To customize list columns:

Right-click on any list column header.

From the popup menu, select either:

  • Adjust Column Width to adjust the width of all columns to the width of the largest entry in the column.
  • Customize Columns to add, remove, or rearrange columns (see below).
To add or remove columns, or to rearrange their order:

Select Customize Columns as described above.

Perform the appropriate actions:

  • To add a column: Select a column name in the Available Columns list. The selected column is added to the Chosen Columns list with a green check mark.
  • To remove a column: Select a column name which already has a green check mark. The selected column loses its check mark and is removed from the list view.
To rearrange column order:
  • You can rearrange column order or column widths directly in the list:
  • To move a column, click and hold on the column header and drag it to the desired Point Of Saleition.
  • To adjust a column’s width, click and hold on the separator (the small vertical line) between column headers and drag the separator until the column is the desired width.
  • Some columns (fields) in your item list can be renamed to better suit your business needs.
  • Customizing the columns in a list does not affect how columns appear in reports or on printed documents.


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