QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Handling Gift Card Returns

Gift Card Returns

You may encounter a customer doing a return, but used your store’s gift card as the original payment. If using the QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Gift Card Service, you can very easily return this amount to your customer’s gift card. Here are some very convenient steps on how to see this process through.


  1. 1) From the Home page in your Point of Sale, select the drop down New Return Receipt under the Point of Sales tab.
  2. 2) This window will appear. You can either enter the receipt number, or you can click on the search button to the right and select the customer and sale.
  3. 3) Once you’ve selected the customer and the specific sale, another window will appear for you to select the item(s) to be returned.
  4. 4) Check the box beside the item(s) to be returned, then click Add Selected Items.
  5. 5) You will be taken directly to your Make A Sale screen with the selected item(s) in red. Here, you can either return the cash amount to your customer, or replace the amount on the card by selecting Gift, Gift Card. Make sure the amount is correct, and that Purchase/recharge card is selected. Click Save.
  6. 6) Either Save the transaction, or Save and Print.
    • If the customer wants to return the gift card itself for a refund, and your store policy allows it, use a sales receipt with no items listed. Go to the payment window and check the balance of the card. Then enter the balance in the Gift Card Redeem field and authorize. A refund of the amount will be suggested as cash (change it to a different change method if necessary).


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