QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Give a Discount

There are several ways to discount a sale. Click the discount type you wish to learn about?

Manual item discount

Manual item discounts are applied to line items and are always given against the active price level.

To manually discount an item on a receipt:

Select an item being sold on the receipt and then click the Qty/Price/Discount button.

  • Click a Quick Discount to apply one of the preset discounts (10%, 15%, etc.)
  • To discount by a different percentage, enter the percentage discount in the Discount % field.
  • To discount to a total amount, enter the new amount in either the Unit Price or the Extended Price fields.

Select a Discount Name/Reason if required or desired, from the drop-down list of available reasons.

Select OK to close the dialog return to the receipt.

Optional Method

Navigate to the Price, Discount %, Unit Discount , and Discount Name/Reason fields in the item list, enter a value, and press . You may have to add these columns.


  • When a value is entered in one of the item discount fields, Point of Sale calculates and displays the other fields.
  • In general, either the last or largest discount entered will override any previous discount. There is no “stacking” of item discounts. For example, if you list an item and manually give a 5% item discount, then list a customer with a defined 10% discount and apply it, the customer discount (10%) will replace the manually applied item discount.
  • Any time you manually edit the price of an item on a receipt it is considered a discount—even if you increase the price, which is counted as a negative discount. This amount will be shown as a discount on reports (including X/Z-Out reports).
  • In addition, if you share data with QuickBooks™ financial software, the amount will be transferred to the QuickBooks™ account defined in Point of Sale company preferences as your Merchandise Discount account.
  • Discount reasons are set up in Price Manager.

Global discount (to entire sale)

A global discount is applied to the subtotal of the document, rather than to individual items. Global discounts are not “spread” across the items on the document.

Exception: For tax calculation purposes, global discounts do reduce the individual item prices.

To give a global discount on a receipt:

  • From the receipt I Want to Menu, click Give Discount. In the Price & Discount dialog, click a preset discount button, or enter another discount percentage or discount amount and click OK. The discount amount is carried to the Discount (amount) field in the receipt totals area.

(Pro) To give a global discount on a customer order:

  • Enter a percentage discount in the Disc % field or an amount discount in the Discount (amount) field in the document totals area. An entry in either field will cause Point of Sale to automatically calculate and enter a value for the other field and the document total.

Note: A percentage global discount is calculated on merchandise/service sales only. Sales of gift cards, gift certificates, and payments on account are not discounted even though they may be reflected in the document subtotal.

Customer Discount

A customer discount is a specified percentage off defined on the customer’s record and suggested on all sales to the customer. Customer discounts are given as item discounts against the active price level; they reduce each item on the sale by the specified percentage.

To apply a customer discount:

Begin a sales receipt and list the customer on the receipt. You are asked if you want to apply the specified discount to this sale. Answer Yes or No.

Pro Note: Customer discounts are also suggested when making a customer order for the customer.

Customer reward (Pro)

If a customer has an available reward to redeem, you are alerted when taking payment on a qualifying sale.

The dialog lists available rewards, expiration dates, and the new sale total if a reward is applied. Select a reward and then click Redeem Now.

Choose Redeem Later to save the reward for a future sale or Close to return to the receipt to make changes.

Learn more about customer rewards

Automatic discounts (Pro)

Price Manger can be used to set up automatic discounts for selected items during a defined time period. Point of Sale then automatically applies the discounts to eligible item sales during the period.

On the sales receipt, discount prices are applied as item discounts


You can give a discount price even if the sale doesn’t qualify by selecting the discount name from the drop-down list in the Discount Name column. You may have to add this column to your receipt form.

Example: Your Seasonal Clearance discount requires the purchase of 10 logo sport shirts. A good customer purchases 6 of the shirts and you decide to give him the discount even though his quantity doesn’t qualify him for it. In the Discount

Name column, select Seasonal Clearance from the drop-down list.

Coupons (Pro)

Redeeming a coupon is as easy as scanning the coupon bar code (or typing the number below the bar code) into the Enter Items field on a sales receipt or customer order.

The coupon discount will be applied only to qualifying items.

IMPORTANT : List all items to be sold BEFORE scanning the coupon. The discount is applied only to items already on the receipt when the coupon is scanned.

While not considered discounts for reporting purposes, you can also use markdown price levels to give a customer a different price.

Pro Note: The same discount options (except rewards) apply to customer orders. The procedures for applying discounts on customer orders is the same, although button names may be slightly different on the customer order forms.

Discounts given on a customer order are automatically carried to the final sales receipt.


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