QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Deleting An Employee Record

How To Delete An Employee

In the case where you may want or need to delete an employee from your records, here are some very easy steps to accomplish this task. For practical reasons, only the System Administrator can delete an employee, and you cannot delete the System Administrator.

To delete an employee:

  1. 1)Select the Employee List tab on the Home Page of your Point Of Sale
  2. 2)Select the employee(s) you wish to remove by clicking on their name to the left of the Employee Information box
  3. 3)In the I Want To drop down box above the list of your employees, select the Delete Employee(s) option.
  4. 4)A prompt box will appear in the center of your screen, requesting you to confirm that you wish to delete this employee.
  5. 5)If you would like to select several employees, simply hold your control button on your keyboard and click on the desired employees.There names will be highlighted, and you can repeat step 3 .
  6. 6)The prompt box will again pop up to ensure that the number of employees you selected is the amount you wish to delete.


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