QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Customer Ratings

Creating Customer Ratings

Customer ratings provide a graphical ranking of your customers based on profit realized or total dollar sales volume over a specified time period.Only the Server Workstation can change the ratings preferences.

Ratings are displayed in the Statistics section of the customer form. In addition to the graphical rating, other statistics are provided for the customer, such as the last sale date and total sales, returns, and discount amounts. You can customize your customer list columns to view the graphical ratings directly in the list.

  1. 1)On the Home page, select Company Preferences under the Preferences key towards the bottom right.
  2. 2)Go to Ratings and Trends towards the bottom of the selections under the I Want To section.
  3. 3)Here, you will see two options for Ratings and Trends. I would personally check them both to adequately keep track of items, as well as your customers. In the drop box for customers, you can decide whether you would like to show the ratings for your customer based on total sales, or for profit.
  4. 4)Remember to select Save in the lower right hand corner.
  5. 5)Go to Customer List on the Home page and select the customer which you wish to view his/her ratings. Click Show Details in the upper right hand corner. In example, Herman Love is a 5 star customer, meaning that he has spent from 81-100% of the sales range you have selected

In the Customer Ratings, you can see the last purchase date, the items purchased, the complete break down of the customer statistics, as well as how long until the rewards is earned.

**About Customer Ratings**

Customer ratings use a familiar five star system, reflecting the performance of the customer over the specified time period. Each star represents 20% of the range between the highest and lowest values for your customers.

For example, if ranking by sales volume and the range of customer purchases for the period is from $1 to $100, customers buying from $1 and $20 would receive 1 star, buying $21-40 is rated two stars, etc., up to a five-star rating for purchases of $81-100. In theory, all of your customers could be five-star performers.

Rating Description
starstarstar starstar 5 Stars (81st – 100th percentile)
starstarstarstar star 4 Stars (61st – 80th percentile)
starstarstar starstar 3 Stars (41st – 60th percentile)
starstar starstarstar 2 Stars (21st – 40th percentile)
starstarstarstarstar 1 Star (0 – 20th percentile)
starstarstarstarstar 0 Stars (No purchase this period)
????? No purchase ever


  • The rating period can be set from 1 to 999 days.
  • Ratings are updated at least once a day (on program startup or automatically between 1 am and 5 am if your computer is left running). Ratings are not updated real-time with the current day’s.
  • The ability to view customer ratings can be controlled by a security right.
  • (Pro) Ratings are calculated at Headquarters only and reflect sales at all stores. They are sent to remote stores where they can be viewed.


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