QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Customer Preferences

Designate The Functionality of your Customer List:

Customer preferences allow you to specify if you want so share customer information with your QuickBooks™ financial software and if you want to require that a customer be recorded on all sales. Recording customers on sales allows you to offer customer-specific discounts, use charge accounts, and to build customer sales history. It is not necessary to require that a customer be required to use these features.

***Note: You must have Customer Tracking enabled in your General Preferences for the following customer-specific preferences to be applicable.

Preference Function
Use with QuickBooks™ Choose Yes if you want information for all new customers to be shared with QuickBooks™ by default. You can still change this setting for individual customers on their record.
Customer Tracking Require a customer entry on receipts. If selected, a receipt cannot be saved until a customer is entered. Note that this option is not required to list a customer on a sale.
E-mail Marketing If you have an account with the Point of Sale e-mail marketing partner, enter your login name and password here. Target customer lists you create in Point of Sale can then be sent automatically to the partner.
Customer Type Create categories of customer types for your business. Customer types can then be assigned in the customer record and used for filtering the customer list and reports.


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