QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Copy and Correct a Reversed Receipt

This procedure typically follows reversing a saved receipt. Copying and correcting a reversed receipt allows you to adopt the parts of the original receipt that you want to keep, and edit the parts that were inaccurate, to make a new, correct receipt.

To copy and correct a receipt:

  1. 1) Reverse the original receipt (select the link above if you need instructions).
  2. 2) Highlight or display the original receipt in your sales history again (status of Reversed).
  3. 3) Select I want to –> Copy Receipt.
  4. 4) A new receipt is created with the same information as the original, except payment information.
  5. 5) Make any necessary changes to correct the information on the new receipt.
  6. 6) Process payments for the receipt as usual.
    • Typically, you would record payment/change by the same methods as the original.
  7. 7) Select Save & Print.


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