QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Transactions Missing in QuickBooks™

Possible Causes

  • After the financial exchange, a backup was restored in QuickBooks™.
  • Transactions were deleted manually in QuickBooks™.
  • You are in a different QuickBooks™ file than the one that has the transactions.

How to fix it

Choose the solution that best matches your situation:

  • An older backup was restored in QuickBooks™ and many Point of Sale transactions are missing (Recover QuickBooks™):
    1. 1) In Point of Sale, choose Financial > Recover QuickBooks™.
    2. 2) Click Continue on the warning message and then enter the date range that was covered by the original financial exchange.
    3. 3) Enter Yes in the confirmation window and click Continue to resend the transactions to QuickBooks™.
  • Only a few Point of Sale transactions are missing (resend individual transactions):
    1. 1) Choose Point of Sale > Sales History.
    2. 2) Select the Sales Receipt that needs to be resent to QuickBooks™.
    3. 3) Choose want to > Show Financial Detail. (Version 9 and below: Choose want to > View Financial History.)
    4. 4) Select Resend this document during the next financial exchange. Choose Financial > Update QuickBooks™.


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