QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Reminders to Fulfill Customer Orders

Inventory reminders help you track and manage your inventory by alerting you to situations that may need your attention.

To view inventory reminders:

1)From the home page, select Reminders from theInventory menu.


2)Select one of the available tabs.


Fill Customer Orders Tab

The Fill Customer Order Reminders screen displays open customer orders that can be filled or partially filled with your available (including just received) item quantities. When you receive backorder items on a receiving voucher, Point of Sale will alert you that there are customer orders pending for the received items.

Use this screen to review the open orders, select those to fill, and then either go to the order or print fulfillment reports and pick lists.

To view the customer order reminders:

Select Go to Fill Customer Order Reminders from the alert when receiving backorder items.


From the Inventory menu, select Reminders and then select the Fill Customer Orders tab.

In the drop-down list on the right, choose to view orders that can be Filled Partially or only those that can be Filled Fully.

Tip: Use normal list sorting and customize column procedures to display the list in the manner you prefer, e.g. by order number, order date, etc.

Use the checkboxes in the Select column to select the order(s) you would like to fill. See note below about using this feature to optimize order fulfillment.

Go to a selected order or print a fulfillment report and pick list

To immediately go to an order to process it, double-click it in the list.

To print fulfillment reports for selected orders, select Print and then either Fill Order Report or Item Pick List.

Process the selected orders individually using standard order fulfillment procedures.


Optimizing Fulfillment: As you select orders to fill, Point of Sale recalculates the status of the remaining orders. If filling one order makes an item unavailable to fill another order, the second order is disabled for selection. To clear the selected orders and try different combinations, choose Clear All Selections from the I Want To menu. To have Point of Sale suggest orders to fill, giving priority to oldest orders first, clear any previous selections and then choose Auto-select Orders. The results of this option will vary depending on whether you have chose to see orders that can be partially or fully filled.

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