QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Reminder about Duplicate Items

Inventory reminders help you track and manage your inventory by alerting you to situations that may need your attention.

To view inventory reminders:

  1. 1) From the home page, select Reminders from the Inventory menu.
  2. 2) Select one of the available tabs.

Duplicate Items Tab

Duplicate items (same UPC, Item Number, or Alternate Lookup values) can occur when Headquarters edits an item number and a remote store sells the same item before receiving the updated inventory file during a Store Exchange. When the transactional document is sent to Headquarters the item identifier from the remote will not match the item number for the same item at Headquarters. Headquarters will show two separate item numbers as having duplicate item identifiers.

Duplicate items can also occur when remote stores create special order items, unknowingly entering the same UPC or Alternate Lookup (ALU) values as an existing item. The special order items are sent to Headquarters from remote stores on the first transactional document containing them.

The Duplicate Items tab on the Reminders window can help you to identify duplicates and resolve them to keep your inventory accurate. This Reminder screen is available only at Headquarters.

To resolve a duplicate item you can edit one of the items to be different or, if the items are actually separate entries of the same item, you can merge the items.

To view and edit a duplicate item:

  1. 1) From the Inventory menu, select Reminders and then select the Duplicate Items tab.
  2. 2) The values causing the duplicate condition are shown in bold text to help you identify them.
  3. 3) Select an item on the list to edit.
  4. 4) Select Edit Item In Inventory from the I Want To menu.
  5. 5) This selection takes you to Inventory, with the item record opened in edit mode. Make changes as necessary to resolve the duplication and save.

To merge duplicate items:

  1. 1) Select both of the duplicate items in the reminders list. (Hold CTRL key down while clicking on each)
  2. 2) From the I Want To menu, select Merge Inventory Items and follow the on-screen instructions. Click here to learn more about how Point of Sale merges two items.
  3. 3) After Headquarters resolves the duplicates, updated item information is sent to the remote stores with the next Store Exchange.

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