QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Receive Inventory


A voucher adds items received from a vendor to your Point of Sale inventory. A voucher can also be used to record the return of items to a vendor, which subtracts the returned quantity from inventory. Below is the basic procedure to create a voucher that is not receiving against a purchase order.

Make a receiving voucher

At the Point of Sale home page, select Receive Items from the Purchasing menu. A blank voucher is opened.

  • (Multistore) Headquarters only: If creating the voucher for another store, select Change Store from the I Want To menu and enter the store number.

Add Items

In the Scan or enter item information drop-down box, scan or type item information to list the items being received.

  • Scan the bar code from the item tag.
  • Type the item’s UPC, Item #, or alternate lookup value and press Learn more about these item identifiers
  • Search by item name (type beginning characters) or other item keyword. A list of matching items is displayed. Select an item from the list by clicking it (keyboard users, press the down arrow key to scroll, then to select). The selected item is added with a sales quantity of 1.
    • If no matching item is found, check your spelling or the identifier you entered. Entering fewer characters will find more matches.
    • To see your entire item list, click the icon with no entry in the item search field. You can scroll through the list looking for the needed item.
  • Click Sell a Miscellaneous Item or Add a New Item to Inventory.


Click Quick Pick Item to select an item from your pre-defined lists of frequently received items.

Set Quantity / Cost


Click the action buttons below the line item to edit the quantity, cost, enter serial numbers, etc. Click to expand/collapse topic

  • Qty + and Qty –: Changes sales quantity up or down 1 unit with each click.
  • Qty / Cost: Edit quantity or order cost.
    • Tip: You can also enter the extended cost and quantity here and let Point of Sale calculate the order cost for you. This is especially useful for maintaining accurate cost tracking of (typically low-cost) items for which you want to track costs with several decimal places. The system will calculate and store the cost at 5 decimal places (but only displays two).
  • Edit: Open the Item Properties window and edit other information, such as item description or price. Pro users can enter a serial number or assign commissions on this window.
  • Return Item: If this item is being returned by the customer. This choice makes the quantity negative. Learn more about taking returns.
  • Remove: Delete the item from the receipt.

Repeat until all items being received have been listed.

Notes: It is suggested you not mix items from different vendors on receiving vouchers as this would hamper your ability to view accurate vendor histories and reports, and make it difficult to match vendor invoices with the bills created by point of Sale in your QuickBooks™ financial software.


In the Enter vendor name or phone box, type or scan vendor information to add the vendor to the voucher.

Begin typing the vendor company name (recommended) or other search keyword (phone number, contact name, etc).

  • As you type, Point of Sale shows a drop-down list of your matching vendors, separated into company name matches and matches using all vendor fields. If there are company name matches, they are displayed first.
  • Click the results line to open all field matches if necessary.
  • Option: With no entry in the field, click the icon to show your entire vendor list. You can scroll through the list to look for the customer.
  • Click a name to select it. Keyboard users can use the arrow up/down keys to move through the list and < Enter > to make a selection.
  • If the selected vendor has open Point of Sale you are prompted to receive against them.
  • If the vendor isn’t in your list, click the Add New Vendor to create a new vendor record.
  • Click the View/Edit button to open the vendor record or the Delete button to remove the vendor from the voucher (does not delete them from vendor list).

Enter information in other voucher fields as appropriate. Commonly use fields on vouchers include comments and freight, fees, and discounts which can be spread across item costs at your discretion.

If you want to print tags for the received items, select Print Tags from the I Want To menu.

Note: If item costs on this voucher are different than what is currently recorded in inventory, you are alerted – you may want to review and update your prices before printing tags.


Click Print Voucher.


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