QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Price Changes

How to Change Prices:

  1. 1)From the home page, select Reminders from the Inventory menu.
  2. 2)Select one of the available tabs.

Price Changes Tab

The Price Change reminders screen displays both the old price and new price when item prices change. Your regular price and the prices at your other price levels are also displayed for reference. This list reminds you to print updated price tags, so that your records and the tagged merchandise on the shelf match.

Once tags are printed, the items on the list should be removed so the list remains current and useful. (Multi-store) Reminders are a handy way to communicate price changes to remote stores.

To select items and print:
  1. 1)From the Inventory menu, select Reminders and then click the Price Changes tab.
  2. 2)Use standard list selection procedures to select items or choose Select All from the I Want To menu.
  3. 3)Select Print Tags to print price tags for the selected items (or Print List).
  4. 4)When prompted to remove the selected items from the list, select Yes to remove them or No to retain them.
  5. 5)You can also remove selected items from the list at anytime by selecting Remove Selected Item (s) from the I Want To menu.


  • If you change your default price in preferences, the Price Change reminders are cleared.

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