QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Make a Sale

To Make a Sale

Select Make a Sale button or the Make a Sale icon within the Navigator.

In the Scan or enter item information drop-down box, scan or type item information to search for the item being sold.

  • Scan the bar code from the item tag.
  • Type the item’s UPC, Item #, or alternate lookup value and press
  • Search by item name (type beginning characters) or other item keyword. A list of matching items is displayed. Select an item from the list by clicking it (keyboard users, press the down arrow key to scroll, then < Enter > to select). The selected item is added with a sales quantity of 1.
  • If no matching item is found, check your spelling or the identifier you entered. Entering fewer characters will find more matches.
  • To see your entire item list, click theQuickBooks3.jpgicon with no entry in the item search field. You can scroll through the list looking for the needed item.
  • Click Sell a Miscellaneous Item or Add a New Item to Inventory.


Click Quick Pick Item to select an item from your pre-defined lists of frequently sold items.

If necessary, click the action buttons below the line item to edit the quantity, price, give item discounts, etc.

Repeat until all items being sold have been listed.

(Optional) In the Enter customer name or phone box, type or scan customer information to add the customer to the receipt.

In the Customer field, begin typing the customer last name (recommended) or other search keyword (first name, phone number, company name, etc).

  • As you type, Point of Sale shows a drop-down list of your matching customers, separated into last name matches and matches using all customer fields. If there are last name matches, they are displayed first. Click the results line to open all field matches if necessary.
  • Option: With no entry in the field, click the QuickBooks™ Point of Sale pLUS icon to show your entire customer list. You can scroll through the list to look for the customer.
  • Click a name to select it. Keyboard users can use the arrow up/down keys to move through the list and < Enter > to make a selection.
  • If the selected customer has an associated discount, price level, or special tax handling, you are prompted to apply it to the sale.
  • If the customer isn’t found, click the Add New Customer to create a new customer record.
  • Click the View/Edit button to open the customer record or the Delete button to remove the customer from the receipt.


  • Not all customer information is displayed on a receipt. For example, the customer’s address, charge account information, and check acceptance status are not displayed. However, you will be notified if a credit limit is exceeded, if checks are not accepted, or if a reward is available for the customer.
  • (Optional) To discount the entire sale (called a global discount), select Give Discount from the I Want To menu. Select or enter a discount percentage or amount in the popup dialog. Global discounts are shown in the totals area of the receipt.
  • Click the button for the payment type used by the customer (Cash, Credit, Debit, etc.) and enter the tendered amount and any requested information. If taking payment by more than one payment type, repeat for each type.
  • Select Save & Print to record the sale and give the customer a receipt. If change is due the customer, the change amount is displayed.


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