QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Item Ratings and Trends

Item ratings and trends provide graphical rankings of sales performance based on profit, net sales quantity, or net sales dollars, over a specified time period.

This feature helps you quickly identify hot-selling items that you might want to feature and slow-movers that require corrective action.

Shown below is the Statistics section of an item record, which includes the graphical item rating and quantitative sales, profit, and margin information for the item. Trends are not included in this window.

Both Ratings and Trends columns can be added to your item list using the customize list columns feature.

Turning on Ratings & Trends

Ratings and trends can be turned on/off and the performance criteria and time period set by the Server Workstation on the Ratings & Trends page of company preferences. You may also have to customize your item list columns or information panel to view the rankings.

About Item Ratings

Item ratings use a familiar five star system, reflecting the performance of the item over the specified time period. Each additional star represents the next 20th percentile of the range between the highest and lowest values in the ranked value. Hover your mouse over the star icons to view the actual ranked values for an item and the maximum in the period for all items. Items with no sales in the period are rated at 0 stars. Items that have never been sold display:


About Item Trends

The sales performance trend of an item is indicated by up/down arrow icons. The icons are representative of the degree of performance change between the current period compared to the previous period of the same duration. Hove your mouse over the icon to see actual values for both periods and the change percentage.

For example, if you select in preferences to rank for the last 90 days, the trend compares sales in the last 90 days to sales in the previous 90 day period (i.e., 91-180 days ago).


  • The ranking period can be set from 1 to 999 days. If you choose a 999 day current ranking period, trends will not apply as sales data is not read for the previous 999 days.
  • Rankings are updated at least once a day (on program startup or automatically between 1 am and 5 am if your computer is running). Rankings are not updated for the current day’s sales as they are made.
  • The ability to view item rankings can be controlled by a security right.
  • Group items are never ranked; but the group component items are ranked individually.
  • (Multi-Store) Rankings are calculated at Headquarters only and reflect sales at all stores. They are sent to remote stores where they can be viewed.


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