QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Item History and Statistics

Item history provides a listing of every transactional document that has affected an item and a running tally of changes in on-hand quantity. You can click any listed document to view it. Item Statistics include an item summary, including cost and profit information and total quantities in/out.

Item History

(Multi-Store) Item history can be viewed only at Headquarters. Headquarters can filter to view the history for any one store or for the entire company. To view an item’s history, with the item record in Edit mode (displayed in a form), expand the History section. The most recent documents are at the top of the list. To view a listed document, double-click it. You are taken to the appropriate history list with the document pre-selected. Normal copy, reverse, and edit capabilities are available for the document. When done, click Go Back at the bottom of the document to return to inventory. The Change column lists the document’s effect on item on-hand quantities. For example, a sale results in the on-hand quantity being reduced, therefore the Qty Change is a negative number. Likewise, receiving a quantity into inventory is shown as a Point Of Saleitive number. The On-Handy column displays a running total of the on-hand quantity, after being adjusted by the document. If the item is listed multiple times on a document (example: a customer exchange for the same item), the document is listed twice, once for the return (a Point Of Saleitive quantity) and once for the new sale (negative quantity).

Item Statistics

Expand the Statistics section on the item record to view a graphical rating of the item’s relative performance in your inventory as well as total sales, cost, profit, and quantities in/out. This information reflects the time period specified for item ratings in preferences.


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