QuickBooks™ Point of Sale is requiring administrative privileges.

I try to log in and Point of Sale tells me that I need administrative privileges:

Point of sale requiring administrative privileges has cropped up recently, here is an approach to help clear it up.

The problem is that the user QuickBooks™ posdbsrv doesn’t have enough rights to launch the QuickBooks™ Point of Sale database server. Without the database service running, QuickBooks™ Point of Sale will not launch.

To fix this, go to the Start Menu and type Services in the search box > select Services

Find the QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Database Manager VX (X is the version refers to the version of Point of Sale you are using) and right click choose Properties

Log On tab. Click the button that says Log on As Local System account > Click OK.

Restart your computer and Point of Sale will now start.


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