QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Inventory Reminders

Inventory reminders help you track and manage your inventory by alerting you to situations that may need your attention.

To view inventory reminders:

  1. 1) From the home page, select Reminders from the Inventory menu.
  2. 2) Select one of the available tabs.

Reorder Items

The Reorder Items reminder screen displays items whose quantity has fallen below the reorder point set in inventory. Use this screen to assist in replenishing your inventory.

  • You can print this list to help in creating purchase orders.
  • Double-click a listed item to view the item record.

Point of Sale takes into consideration item quantities already on order (from unfilled purchase orders) when determining if an item should be added to the reorder reminder list. Learn moreClick to display a popup topic

To display this screen, select Reminders from the Inventory menu and then click the Reorder Items tab.

Pro Notes

  • The reminder screen also includes items that are on backorder.
  • Depending on your preference settings, quantities committed on customer orders may be taken into account when deciding if an item is added to this screen.

Having Point of Sale Suggest Point of Sale for Reorder Items (Pro)

You also have the option of having Point of Sale suggest and generate purchase orders to order these items.

  • With your reorder reminders displayed, select Suggest PO from the I Want To menu. Learn more about using Suggest PO

Price Changes

The Price Change reminders screen displays both the old price and new price when item prices change. Your regular price and the prices at your other price levels are also displayed for reference. This list reminds you to print updated price tags, so that your records and the tagged merchandise on the shelf match.

Once tags are printed, the items on the list should be removed so the list remains current and useful. (Multi-store) Reminders are a handy way to communicate price changes to remote stores.

To select items and print:

  1. From the Inventory menu, select Reminders and then click the Price Changes tab.
  2. Use standard list selection procedures to select items or choose Select All from the I Want To menu.
  3. Select Print Tags to print price tags for the selected items (or Print List).
  4. When prompted to remove the selected items from the list, select Yes to remove them or No to retain them.
  5. You can also remove selected items from the list at anytime by selecting Remove Selected Item (s) from the Want To menu.


If you change your default price in preferences, the Price Change reminders are cleared.

Duplicate Items

Duplicate items (same UPC, Item Number, or Alternate Lookup values) can occur when Headquarters edits an item number and a remote store sells the same item before receiving the updated inventory file during a Store Exchange. When the transactional document is sent to Headquarters the item identifier from the remote will not match the item number for the same item at Headquarters. Headquarters will show two separate item numbers as having duplicate item identifiers.

Duplicate items can also occur when remote stores create special order items, unknowingly entering the same UPC or Alternate Lookup (ALU) values as an existing item. The special order items are sent to Headquarters from remote stores on the first transactional document containing them.

The Duplicate Items tab on the Reminders window can help you to identify duplicates and resolve them to keep your inventory accurate. This Reminder screen is available only at Headquarters.

To resolve a duplicate item you can edit one of the items to be different or, if the items are actually separate entries of the same item, you can merge the items.

To view and edit a duplicate item:

  1. 1) From the Inventory menu, select Reminders and then select the Duplicate Items tab.
  2. 2) The values causing the duplicate condition are shown in bold text to help you identify them.
  3. 3) Select an item on the list to edit.
  4. 4) Select Edit Item In Inventory from the Want To menu.
  5. 5) This selection takes you to Inventory, with the item record opened in edit mode. Make changes as necessary to resolve the duplication and save.

To merge duplicate items:

Click here to learn more about how Point of Sale merges two items.

  1. 1) Select both of the duplicate items in the reminders list. (Hold CTRL key down while clicking on each)
  2. 2) From the I Want To menu, select Merge Inventory Items and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. 3) After Headquarters resolves the duplicates, updated item information is sent to the remote stores with the next Store Exchange

New Items

The New Items reminders screen alerts employees to the upcoming arrival of new merchandise. Monitoring this list allows your associates to better serve customers by letting them know what new merchandise is coming soon.

You can print this list or print item tags in anticipation of the item arrival. The items should be removed from this list as soon as they arrive at the store, so that the list remains current and useful.

To work with items in the list:

From the Inventory menu, select Reminders and then select the New Items tab.

Use normal list selection procedures to select one or more items before selecting a task from the I Want To menu. You can also use the Select All or Clear All choices from the I Want To menu.

  • 1) Select Print and then choose tags or the list from the drop-down menu to print the selected items.
  • 2) To remove selected items from the list, select Remove Selected Item(s) from the I Want To menu.

Fill Customer Orders

The Fill Customer Order Reminders screen displays open customer orders that can be filled or partially filled with your available (including just received) item quantities. When you receive backorder items on a receiving voucher, Point of Sale will alert you that there are customer orders pending for the received items.

Use this screen to review the open orders, select those to fill, and then either go to the order or print fulfillment reports and pick lists.

To view the customer order reminders:

Select Go to Fill Customer Order Reminders from the alert when receiving backorder items.


From the Inventory menu, select Reminders and then select the Fill Customer Orders tab.

In the drop-down list on the right, choose to view orders that can be Filled Partially or only those that can be Filled Fully.

Tips:Use normal list sorting and customize column procedures to display the list in the manner you prefer, e.g. by order number, order date, etc.

Use the checkboxes in the Select column to select the order(s) you would like to fill. See note below about using this feature to optimize order fulfillment.

Go to a selected order or print a fulfillment report and pick list:

  • 1) To immediately go to an order to process it, double-click it in the list.
  • 2) To print fulfillment reports for selected orders, select Print and then either Fill Order Report or Item Pick List.

Process the selected orders individually using standard order fulfillment procedures.


  • Optimizing Fulfillment: As you select orders to fill, Point of Sale recalculates the status of the remaining orders. If filling one order makes an item unavailable to fill another order, the second order is disabled for selection. To clear the selected orders and try different combinations, choose Clear All Selections from the I Want To menu. To have Point of Sale suggest orders to fill, giving priority to oldest orders first, clear any previous selections and then choose Auto-select Orders. The results of this option will vary depending on whether you have chose to see orders that can be partially or fully filled. Related


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