QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Delete Customer Records

To delete customers:

  1. 1)Select the customer record or records you wish to delete in your customer list.
  2. 2)Select Delete from the I Want To menu.
  3. 3)Point of Sale will alert you if a selected customer cannot be deleted.
  4. 4)If prompted, confirm the deletion and specify if you want to delete the customer(s) from your QuickBooks™ financial software as well.


  1. You cannot delete a customer with a non-zero account balance. To delete such a customer the account balance must be reduced to zero, typically by taking a payment on account.
  2. If you are deleting a customer because you have duplicates, consider merging the customer records instead, as this will combine the two customer histories into one and remove the other.
  3. We recommend deleting the customer in QuickBooks™ financial software if prompted. To guard against accidental deletion, if a customer record is deleted in only one program, it is re-created upon the next Financial Exchange. Note that if the customer is listed on documents in your financial software, the record is made inactive instead of deleting it. Making the customer inactive also prevents the record from being re-created with the next Financial Exchange.
  4. (Pro) If you delete a customer, but later list that customer on a sales receipt (by referencing a customer order listing the customer) the customer is re-created in both Point of Sale and your financial software with the next Financial Exchange. Related


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