QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Configure Multi-Store Headquarters

Headquarters Configuration

The exchange of information between your stores is referred to as Store Exchange in QuickBooks™ Point of Sale . These instructions are for configuring Store Exchange from the Store Exchange Center, accessed from the Stores menu.

Upon starting QuickBooks™ Point of Sale the first time, you are prompted to create your company data file. Be sure to specify Headquarters as your store type and give your data file a unique name.

  • 2) Complete the Setup Interview at the Server Workstation (launched automatically or select from File menu ) to set up basic QuickBooks™ Point of Sale options.

Now, type in short-codes for each location. These will serve as identifiers for certain inter-location documents and views, so choose something that is immediately obvious to your company.

Notes: the Track Multiple Stores in QuickBooks™ Using Classes checkbox if you want to run Profit/Loss reports by store in your QuickBooks™ Financial software. This option is only available on this page in you have already established a connection with QuickBooks™, but can be configured later, if desired. Learn more.

  1. 1) If you haven’t already, install QuickBooks™ Point of Sale on the Server Workstation, following the instructions for a Headquarters store in the User Guide.
  2. 3) When done with the Setup Interview, select File –> Preferences –> Company from the operations area on the Home Screen.
  3. 4) Next, choose the category heading: Store Codes/Classes and select the number of stores in your Company.
  4. 5) Choose the method you intend to use for Exchange with each store, then hit the Configure button.
    • Desktop e-mail: Enter the e-mail address for the remote store.
    • Web-based e-mail: Specify a folder to which the Store Exchange mailbag is copied. When creating your e-mail, browse to this folder to attach the file.
    • Removable MediaEnter or browse to the applicable drive or port.
    • Network file transfer: Enter or browse to the in folder of the QuickBooks™ Point of Sale installation on the Server Workstation at the remote store. You must have drives mapped or a UNC path to this folder. Note: If the remote hasn’t installed yet, type in the path to the in folder that will be used. You may get an “invalid location” message, but can ignore it. Once the remote has installed and specified the same folder as it’s “in” folder, Store Exchange will function.
    • Intuit Service: (recommended – One-time fee here) After selecting this option, call the phone number displayed to activate the service. An additional fee may apply. Once activated, QuickBooks™ Point of Sale will automatically connect to the QuickBase site and log in to send/receive files.
  5. 6) Configure your Exchange Method:
    • Intuit Services: Buy Intuit Exchange Here and then use validation code to activate exchange.
    • Other Methods: Enter the License Number for the remote store in the Configuration window, then choose the storage location for the MailBag if needed.
  6. Select OK.

Next Actions to Take at Headquarters

  1. 1) Complete your setup of QuickBooks™ Point of Sale, including installing Client Workstations, setting advanced options, and entering or importing inventory and other data.
  2. 2) Add items, vendors, customers, etc.
  3. 3) After remote stores have installed, run Store Exchange > Send Files to send an initialization file to each remote store. (Remote stores should be installed and configured before sending this file.)


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