QuickBooks™ Online: How to Connect Bank & Download Data

Navigate to the ‘Add an Account’ Menu

From the home screen, click the Connect an Account button on the right. Choose your bank from the popular banks shown.

Select Banking on the sub menu. This will take you to get to the Bank and Credit Card screen.

Log In to Your Bank

Enter the same username and password you use when you log in to your bank account directly, then click Log In. Hang tight a few minutes while your bank talks to QuickBooks™.

Choose Account to Add to QuickBooks™

On the left of the Connection Screen, below the heading labeled Account Name, you’ll see a list of all the accounts you have with your bank (e.g. Checking, Savings, Credit Card, etc.).

Check the box next to the account you use for business and want to connect with QuickBooks™.

Name Account(s) for QuickBooks™

Now you’ll want to choose an appropriate QuickBooks™ Account name that corresponds with the type of Bank Account you are adding to QuickBooks™. In the middle of the Connection Screen, below the heading labeled QuickBooks™ Account, you’ll see an Enter Text box with a drop-down suggestions menu tab. Choose an appropriate account name from the list of options available.

Customize Account Name and Type for QuickBooks™

If you don’t see a QuickBooks™ account name in the drop-down suggestions that matches the type of Bank Account you’re adding to QuickBooks™, click Add New at the top of the drop-down suggestions menu to open the Account Modal window.

In the Account Modal, choose an Account Type.


Next, choose a Detail Type for the bank account you’re adding. You can type your custom account name into the text box in the upper right of the window. Click Save once you’ve named your account to exit the Account Modal.

Connect Account to QuickBooks™

Once you’ve selected and saved all your account details, click Connect. Hang tight while QuickBooks™ downloads your transactions. After a few moments, you will see the message “We successfully downloaded your transactions. Hooray!” At the bottom of the screen, click I’m done. Let’s Go! Now you can retrieve your transaction history in QuickBooks™.


This task takes about 3 minutes.

Follow along and give it a try.


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