QuickBooks™ Online: Add Recurring Transactions

Navigate to the Check Menu

From the home screen, click on the + Menu and selectCheck.


Fill Out Check

Fill out the check exactly the way you want QuickBooks™ to do it each month. Make sure the words “To Print” appear in the Check No. field on the right of the screen.


Create Recurring Check Template

Once you have your check template filled out the way you like, click Make Recurring at the bottom of the screen.


Edit Recurrence Details

Next, fill out the recurrence details for the check template you just created. In the box labeled Template name enter a good name for the recurring transaction — be sure to use a name you’ll recognize every time it recurs.


Choose Scheduled as the type of transaction from the list of options in the drop-down menu under “Type.”


Enter how many days in advance you want QuickBooks™ to create the check. (Note: If it’s an electronic payment, enter 0).


Next comes the Interval — use the drop-down menus to specify when the check is due.


Enter the Start date — in the case of our example, the Start date is the first month you want to cut a rent check.


Enter the recurrence End date — in the case of our example, this is the end date of your current lease (e.g. 18 months).

Enter the recurrence End date — in the case of our example, this is the end date of your current lease (e.g. 18 months).


Finally, review the whole check to make sure everything’s correct, then click Save Template.


Print Your Check

To print out your check, from the Home Screen click on the + menu and select Print Checks.


On the Print Checks page, select the box next to your check, then click Preview and Print.


Edit Recurring Transactions Template

Later on, you might want to edit an existing template without starting completely from scratch. For example, if your landlord were to raise or lower your rent, you would want to make a small change to the template you just created.


To edit an existing template, from the Home screen, click on the Gear Menu and select Recurring Transactions.


You can edit or delete any recurring transaction here on the Recurring Transactions menu. For example, change the amount to be paid from $2300.00 to $2100.00. Remember to click Save Template once you’ve made your changes.

And that’s it. You’re done!



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