QuickBooks™ Services is now Merchant Light

QuickBooks™ Services is CLOSED!
Merchant Light is OPEN!
*All registered companies will be emailed to verify their registration is accurate. Once your information has been verified, Merchant Light, at their sole discretion, will either mark your account as "verified" or "not verified". This requires that you correctly enter your company's information. The reasons for this are many, when you call us, we will know who we are talking with and whether you have a monthly plan or not. This will help us to serve you better. Although it is not mandatory that you drag and drop your picture into your account, we encourage you to do so that we can put a face to a name. We also want you to know that sales and free downloads will not be permitted for those companies that are not verifiable.
Your information is only shared from within Merchant Light or its related companies.


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