Point Of Sale: Difference Between PO’s and Receiving Vouchers

It’s not uncommon for me to run into situations during Point of Sale training where people are confused between the terminology of PO’s and Receiving Vouchers. I thought this would be a good place to give out some pointers for those of you who are in the same boat.

In the world of QuickBooks™, Purchase Orders are what we call “non-posting transactions.” What this means, is that PO’s don’t really DO anything, they are just a place holder for an order that you placed with your vendor. Typically, PO’s are done during down time. The process is, you create a PO in Point of Sale by clicking on the “Make a PO” button from the home screen. You choose the items that you are ordering from your vendor and put in the quantities that you want to receive. If you are ordering an item that you have never stocked before, you can take the time to add the item on the fly on the PO screen. Once you have your whole order together you can save and print a copy of the PO to then fax or email to your vendor.

Now, as you probably already know, it’s crunch time when the order actually arrives at your door. You want to get the items out on your shelf as quickly as Point Of Salesible so people can buy them but you have to tell the system that the items are now in stock before you can sell anything. Here is where you can be thankful you created a PO earlier. Now, you can go into Point Of Sale, select “Receive from PO”, choose your PO number and it will pull up the whole order that you already created. You can easily just enter in the quantities that actually showed up and then save the Receiving Voucher. Now with just a couple of clicks, your items are received in and up to date. If there had been items that didn’t show up, the remaining items on the PO will stay open on that PO for once they actually come in – a great way to track back-orders from your Vendor.

Although, entering Purchase Orders isn’t a mandatory task in Point Of Sale, it is definitely a time saver. Receiving Vouchers ARE mandatory and if you hadn’t created a PO first, you would first have to take the time to enter/create all the items at the time of receiving which most people don’t want to do.


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