How to Stop the Printer PopUp Screen from Displaying in QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale

Have a problem with a new setup where the receipt printer will only print after you hit button on the a pop screen asking you to hit the print button to print the receipt after you make a sale.

Instead just printing out the receipt when you hit the save and finished button in QuickBooks™ Point of Sale . Client is using Win XP Pro…

I’ve tried reinstalling the Printer driver and restarting the computer before plugging the receipt printer back to the computer but it still the same problem…

This pop screen is just annoying to deal with when customers are lined up… One extra step that shouldn’t be there… Has anyone seen this and do you know of any fixes for it.. Thanks…”

Go to File > Preferences > Workstation > Documents & Printers > Print Options and uncheck Sales Receipts.

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