Backups at End of Day

The End of Day procedure includes an option to back up your data.

Note: To include a data backup, the End of Day procedure must be run from the Server Workstation.

To back up data as part of End of Day procedure:

  1. 1)From the Point of Sale menu, select End of Day Procedure.
  2. 2)Select the check box to Back up your company data and specify to the default location or to an alternate location.
    • If backing up to removable media, place blank formatted media in the appropriate drive.
    • If using an alternate location, enter the path or browse to the alternate location and enter a file name.
    • (Pro) Select the check box if you want to include inventory item pictures in the backup. Doing so may substantially increase backup time or file size.
  3. 3)Specify other End of Day options, as needed.
  4. 4)click OK.


  • If you have scheduled your backups, the next scheduled time is displayed On the End of Day window for reference.
  • Point of Sale only backs up your Point of Sale data. Therefore, it should serve as only one component of a comprehensive data protection strategy. You must take separate action to back up other important information for your business (QuickBooks™ financial software records, payroll records, other applications, etc.).
  • You should also consider a cloud based backup! Call us @ 888-255-9878 for more information and recommendations.


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