Remote Monitoring and Management

Merchant Light,LLC's RMM platform dramatically increases your operational efficiency. Our intuitive, SaaS-based management portal allows you to easily backup, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain desktops, servers, mobile devices and other endpoints for your clients. Our years of experience monitoring tens of thousands of alerts and devices has helped us create a simplified, ticket-based workflow that takes the pressure off of your technicians and allows you to focus on driving your business forward.

We offer three distinct service levels, each targeted to suit specific requirements:

Essential Server Care
For those that prefer a hands-on approach, Essential Care provides back-office monitoring that helps you reduce the time needed to filter alerts and research resolutions. Our RMM software monitors all of your servers, and our NOC will alert you – day or night – when critical issues arise.
Preferred Server Care
Are your technicians spending too much time troubleshooting and resolving issues? With Preferred Server Care, you can completely offload server monitoring and management to Merchant Light,LLC’s NOC. Alerts generated by our RMM software are sent to our remote remediation team, which connects to troubled servers to apply the appropriate solution – and you can monitor systems and ticket statuses from anywhere.
Elite Server Care
If you need the best of the best, Elite Server Care has you covered. Our talented technical teams are ready to investigate and resolve all server issues, whether they are generated by our RMM alerts or raised by your team via our ticketing system. You benefit from the Merchant Light,LLC's NOC critical notification and remediation teams, as well as the remote troubleshooting team for your service requests. You can forward any event identities, application messages, windows error messages and other anomalies to Merchant Light for best-effort troubleshooting and resolution.

Preferred Server Care

How will Essential benefit you?

RMM monitors all of your servers, and our expert NOC technicians will call you – day or night –when critical issues arise.Remote restart minimizes down-time and reduces after-hours call volume. In addition to creating alerts & tickets, we leverage our extensive knowledgebase to provide tips and information for remediation and resolution. We ensure that AV software is up-to-date, preventing security breaches and providing peace of mind. We whitelist Microsoft security patches, so that when patches are deployed you can be confident that they won’t disrupt workflow, or create extra cycles/potential downtime.

  • Emergency low disk space alerting (Windows & Linux)
  • Hardware & software audits
  • LogMeIn Pro
  • Ticket-based workflow
  • Remote restart of services and applications
  • Ticket escalation with steps to resolution
  • Patch whitelisting service – we test all security updates before they are deployed
  • Multi-vendor antivirus management – we update definitions for AV vendors
  • Alert filtering

Essential Server Care

How will Essential benefit you?


Our NOC technicians will troubleshoot and proactively address issues on monitored servers, and independently resolve alerts and tickets for you – further minimizing downtime for your business. Our AV management is expanded – we proactively update definitions and reinstall AV software as necessary, keeping you and your clients secure with the knowledge that they are always protected. The NOC team will delete unwanted logs or clean up disks as needed, so you and your clients will never miss a beat.

  • Emergency low disk space alerting & cleanup (Windows & Linux)
  • Discounted project services
  • Email monitoring
  • Our NOC resolves up to 90% of alerts related to:
  • Active Directory
  • Exchange
  • Blackberry
  • SBS 2000/2003
  • Sharepoint
  • SQL
  • Windows Terminal Server
  • VMware
  • VSS
  • Windows Performance
  • Hyper-V
  • Citrix Terminal(except XenApp 6)
  • Diagnose all uncertain hardware alerts (i.e. potential battery replacements)
  • Patch deployment
  • Reinstall AV software if corrupted
  • Lights out management: when a server is down, we reboot it automatically (if it relates to resolving one of the alerts below)

Elite Server Care

How will Elite benefit you?

You can create and assign issue-based tickets to our NOC technicians for full problem resolution. Time-consuming routine maintenance tasks (see ‘Key Features’ above) can also be outsourced to the NOC team, freeing you to focus on growing your business. Our AV management is expanded even further – NOC technicians update definitions and assist in the cleanup of found viruses, minimizing the time you have to spend managing your AV solution. Lights out management is expanded; the NOC will reboot any server identified as offline, regardless of alert or issue.

  • AV scan and remediation for infections
  • Service Pack Installation during off hours o
  • Driver updates for servers
  • Firmware updates (with LOM access, or if vendor provides through the console)
  • Citrix XenApp hotfixes, rollup installations and configuration
  • Server Cluster Health Checks and remediation/ recommendation for improvement
  • Exchange
  • Update expired web certificates
  • Setup email roundtrip monitoring
  • Defrag and repair Exchange servers
  • Setup email roundtrip monitoring
  • Health Checks for Exchange 2003 and above – includes running Best Practice Analyzer and fixing issues found
  • VMware
  • Review error logs using vSphere or vCenter
  • Reconfigure VMs & host data stores
  • Health Checks of configurations, including vCPU and memory, network setup
  • Hyper-V:
    • Health Checks including network setup, memory cache, RAID configuration
    • Configure VMs
  • Exchange troubleshooting
  • Outlook web or Outlook Anywhere Access
  • DAG replication
  • Active Sync issues
  • Spam issues
  • Auto discovery feature issues
  • Outlook calendar issues
  • Restore mailboxes as part of a disaster recovery
  • SBS troubleshooting
  • Remote web workspace
  • Windows Backup issues
  • Reporting and monitoring services
  • Sharepoint issues
  • SBS Console crashes
  • Remote Desktop troubleshooting
  • Login issues
  • Gateway policies
  • Gateway policies
  • Licensing
  • Remote Application access
  • RDP port
  • Session issues (including timeout, printing, broken gateway, user profile, certificates)
  • Single Sign On
  • VMware troubleshooting – performance issues on VMs and host machines
  • Email delivery issues
  • Server performance issues, including high CPU, low memory, memory leaks and slow response
  • Hyper-V troubleshooting for performance issues
  • Citrix XenApp Server troubleshooting:
  • Login
  • Secure gateway
  • Web access
  • Single Sign On
  • Port
  • Load balancing
  • XTE Service
  • Session issues, including time out, printing user profile, certificate
  • Publish Application, including access, streaming, and publishing issues
  • Licensing
  • Group Policy failures, such as settings not getting applied to user or machines
  • Windows server errors (including blue screens, memory dumps, & errors related to third-party apps on a besteffort basis)