Merchant Light,LLC IT Management Platform

  • Merchant Light,LLC 24/7 Archive

    Cost-Effective, Long-Term Data Archiving

    Archive is Merchant Light,LLC 24/7’s low-cost backup and restore option for long-term data storage, which can be added on to any Local, Solo, Complete or Flex package.

    Versatility for Varying Operations

    The backup needs for no two business are alike. Some might need full business continuity in a matter of hours. Others, however, need large amounts of data backed up for extended periods of time. And there are those businesses that need a combination of the two—they require instant cloud recovery and continuous uptime from a true business continuity solution and must also store large amounts of data for long periods of time, and rarely need it retrieved.

    In the past, to meet the varying demands of their clients, IT service providers had to stitch together a patchwork of backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions, creating a complicated technology stack, learning curve and operational inefficiencies—not to mention the difficulties of managing multiple vendors and portals. With Merchantlight 24/7’s Archive add-on, that’s no longer the case.

    The Power of Merchantlight 24/7 Archive

    With Archive, MerchantLight are now able to simplify their workflow with a unified BDR platform that combines the robust features of Merchantlight 24/7—such as instant cloud recovery, continuous data protection and more—with a policy-driven, long-term backup and restore option for data that is less time-critical in a data-loss event.

    Deployment Options

    To meet the varying backup requirements of small- and medium-sized businesses, Archive can be used in two ways:

    PUBLIC CLOUD —Archive leverages the economics and hyperscale of the public cloud (Amazon Glacier) to support long-term cloud storage for archiving, future reference or offsite redundancy for local backup at a cost that’s attractive for IT service providers and SMB clients alike.

    YOUR CLOUD—IT service providers also have the ability to use their own cloud environment with Archive via FTP, allowing for a simple, cost-effective solution to use a data-retention infrastructure that may already be in place.


    Expand Your BDR Opportunities

    Archive can be added to any Merchantlight 24/7 package, allowing for a solution to fit any business’ BDR needs.


    A Profitable Vision for Verticals Archive is also a perfect option for vertically aligned organizations in industries such as healthcare, finance, legal and government. Organizations in these verticals typically must comply with specific regulatory controls surrounding data retention—often with requirements measured in years rather than days or months. Additionally, these same organizations provide critical services and require continuous uptime and instant cloud recovery in the event of a disaster. Using a Merchantlight 24/7 Solo, Complete or Flex package, IT service providers can provide robust business continuity to these verticals, and can now add Archive to store the volumes of data required for compliance reasons for extended periods of time—all at a competitive price that provides excellent margins.

    A Competitive Alternative for Budget-Minded Businesses

    It’s an ideal entry solution for price-sensitive clients who understand they need to move beyond on-premises backup into a cloud-based solution. Adding Archive to Merchantlight 24/7 Local, for example, creates a more affordable choice to offer to these businesses.

    A Creative Solution for Large-Data Businesses

    Large-data businesses, such as creative media services, will also benefit from Archive as they typically have terabytes of assets and footage that must be backed up in perpetuity.

  • Merchantlight 24/7® Package Guide

    Match the Right Client with the Right Merchantlight 24/7 Package

    Merchantlight 24/7® was designed to be versatile, allowing for a range of options and packages for you to be able to meet the diverse needs of all your clients through one platform and to scale your BDR business profitability. Use this guide to quickly determine which BDR package and level of data protection is the right fit for your client.



    This package, priced per protected machine (regardless of size), includes unlimited local backups only for each protected machine on the appliance, with no cloud storage.


    This package, priced based on the live data on each protected machine, includes 1 daily cloud recovery point (an image containing yesterday’s data) for each protected machine on the appliance.


    This package, priced based on the live data on each protected machine, includes 15 fixed cloud recovery points in a 12-month period (five daily, three weekly, six monthly, and one yearly) for each protected machine on the appliance.


    This package, priced per protected machine (regardless of size) and cloud storage, includes unlimited, customizable cloud retention points for each protected machine on the appliance, and pooled cloud storage across any other site(s) on Flex.

  • System Requirements

    Windows Agent for Protected Servers


    Windows Agent for Protected Desktops


    Site Server Backup Manager (Appliance) Requirements