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Technology is a tremendous enabler, but with it, comes concerns about reliability and security. We can help you maintain smooth and secure operations with our integrated Point of Sale technology platform and the latest in secure software and hardware systems.

With Point of Sale solutions you fear no fraud.

We consider it our job to help you make sure your business and customers are protected especially with fraud and breaches on the rise. Our small business Point of Sale solutions can help safeguard your business by increasing the safety of your customers’ payments, while limiting your fraud chargeback liability and reducing the chances of a breach. It’s like having a virtual bodyguard.

Partner with a pro for your Point of Sale system.

At Vantiv, we offer a wide variety of payment technologies ranging from a stand-alone device to an integrated Point of Sale solution. We partner with the leading payment terminal providers as well as over 800 Integrated Software Vendors.

We give you Point of Sale choices

  • * Integrated Point of Sale – processing technology built into the Point of Sale system
  • * Terminals – another way to enjoy Vantiv service and support
  • * Virtual terminal – when you are away from your store
  • * Ecommerce – easy, online transactions to extend your reach
  • * Mobile payments – accept mobile payments and capture more sales

Payment terminal options include

  • * Verifone Vx520
  • * Ingenico iCT22
  • * Ingenico iCT250

Vantiv SmartPay Series™


Built for you, By us

Vantiv SmartPay Series™ delivers best-in-class smart Point of Sale devices and developers plus a unique and robust app marketplace allowing you full choice in how to best manage your business. You need flexible solutions that will help you grow your business, increase your sales and improve your customer retention.


Verifone Carbon with Vantiv SmartPay Series™

Our SmartPay Series™ now features Verifone Carbon, a best-in-class Point of Sale that’s specifically suited to your demands and designed to optimize your business. You get the security, support, and versatility to accept payments, plus value-added solutions that enhance the checkout experience, payroll management, loyalty programs and more, across different verticals.


Built for business

Coupled with Vantiv Payments, Verifone Carbon’s flexible structure allows for the addition of applications that make your business work better. It’s affordable, and easily updatable to changing consumer expectations. The future of your business isn’t limited to one way of doing things. With our approach, your options are wide open.

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