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  • QuickBooks 17.0 Problem Resolved

    Lately, QuickBooks 2017 and QuickBooks Enterprise 17.0 has been quite slow for many of my customers. Thankfully, Intuit has got right on that and released R5 which has dealt with that issue. Make sure you update your QuickBooks Accounting software to get the benefits of this update ASAP. Open your QuickBooks software Update QuickBooks Make sure […]

  • QuickBooks POS Will Not Start

    QuickBooks POS Will Not Start when I attempt to launch it! It doesn’t even give me an error message! What’s up with that? You may have run into the Windows 10 upgrade nightmare. What this article deals with: Windows 10 PC’s MS KB3194496 QuickBooks POS 12 not fully opening When this happens: You attempt to […]

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2017

    Intuit released its line of QuickBooks Desktop 2017 products today, Monday, September 19, including QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, QuickBooks Desktop Premier and QuickBooks Desktop Pro. We’ve put together a recap of some of the biggest new features you’ll find in QuickBooks 2017. Check them out below, and let us help you determine if QuickBooks Desktop 2017 […].

  • QB Online Document Center Closed

    Did you get that email? Intuit told us that the QuickBooks Online Accountant Document Center will be discontinued. This surprised me, so I did some research to find out what was going on. Here is what was found. What Is The QuickBooks Online Accountant Document Center? “Document Management” is an important feature in an accounting system, something that […]

  • How to Process Credit Cards in QuickBooks Desktop

    Interested in improving your credit card processing? Fill out the form on the left panel and we will contact you! Ask a Question Customer Portal Remember me Submit Forgot password? Connect to a Technician QBServices for yourRemote Support! Make an Appointment Click Here to schedule a meeting with Technician Send a File Don’t […]

  • Error Initializing QBPOS application Log

    Error Initializing QBPOS Application Log usually also follows up with “…please contact Technical Support. This error is a result of an incorrect writing to the user.config file normally due to a power outage/surge where the writing to the file was interrupted. To repair this, simply do the following: Solution 1: Edit the contents of the QBPOS […]

  • Sync Manager

    What is happening? Each current supported version of QuickBooks Desktop will continue working with Sync Manager until it receives a software update that will allow it to work independently of Sync Manager. No action is required until the software update is available. Once the software update is available, you must install it to continue using […]

  • QuickBooks Desktop Security Threat Update

    Description: Intuit has identified, and is implementing an update to address a security vulnerability in QuickBooks desktop software. This has no impact on QuickBooks Online. Detailed Instructions: For supported versions of QuickBooks desktop, Intuit has begun the process of proactively notifying customers of the steps required to install an update, which is designed to address […]

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~ Boriana DiMonte - – Caffé Cova I needed a full Service System that was beautiful and sophisticated. That means not only my inventory, not only my fast track of customers and database, but also great reports and consistency. Everything about Revel made sense for me!
~Brian Cassanego - ~Noir Lounge As a wine bar we change on a weekly basis, so i have to keep adding new products all the time and that's so simple That's what i love about Revel,the ease of adding products.i do it all the time,all i have todo is add product,refresh the system,and it's done .it takes me a minute
~ Craig Wathen - – City Beer Store One of the reasons we decided to move to a POS system was because we realized all the analytical data that we weren’t getting to, which was one of the exciting things about Revel. Having the backend, real-time analysis, was just something that had us guess working before. I use Revel’s backend on a daily basis, not only checking sales, but to check my inventory and see what’s been selling the best.